Turn your recruitment into a learning process

When starting a recruitment process, we must consider three key aspects: the planning, execution and control necessary to achieve the best results. Considering that the objective of recruiters is to generate a relationship of mutual trust with candidates who have the possibility of joining the team and also are motivated to live with the organisational philosophy of the company.

Using effective communication strategies to attract more applicants can make a difference and stand out from previous experiences of recruitment processes that the candidate may have had. An excellent option is to create content with employee’s testimonies of their experience at the organisation.

When the personal interview stage is completed, the next step is to advance and communicate with those candidates who have the desired skills; as well as in the same way communicate with those who are being sifted by the process. – Discover how to create an unforgettable candidate experience.

Giving good feedback to the applicant about their development in the interview can enrich the process and, in this way, you can discover their growth mindset and potential.- Know how to avoid a bad recruitment process.

Through the PDA Assessment, it is possible to provide an individual with feedback based on the report which compares  the candidate and the position they will occupy, furthermore the possibility of providing a group feedback, through the group trends report, which enables the group to identify and recognise natural behaviours and the behaviours that can be adapted to the environment in which the team works assists them to collaboratively develop.

Feedback is vital for the candidate because they can apply what they have learned in future processes, achieve a meaningful experience that becomes a comparison point with other companies and encourages them to continue to apply for other job offers or maintain contact with the organisation. In this way you can: respect the time of the applicant and manage expectations, avoid them feeling rejected and strengthen your ‘Employer Branding’.