What Will Post-Pandemic Recruitment Be Like?

Although it is very difficult to talk about the future now, we can be sure that new technologies will have a leading role in organisational processes. In this post, we will discuss recruitment processes and the effectiveness of using digital tools when carrying out such processes, which had been proved before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It is more and more necessary to train recruiters so that they are able to manage digital tools during the entire recruitment and onboarding process, ensuring that candidates have a positive experience. 

In April 2020, the International Labour Organisation published a report in which it established actions for protecting workers in the workplacestrengthen occupational safety and health measures, adapt work arrangements, and prevent discrimination and exclusion.  

In this sense, the implementation of safety and hygiene protocols, adapted to the context, are recommended. This will reduce the risk of contracting the disease in the workplace. 

 It is also necessary to combine face-to-face work and remote work. This dual model is one of the most important innovations brought about by the pandemic, and it is an option that promotes work flexibility, since it makes it possible to balance professional and personal responsibilities. 

Organisations will need to strengthen their employer brand through the digital platforms and social media where they have a strong presence, as those will be their main communication channels. As regards candidates, they will have to work on their personal brand and their presence in professional social media, such as LinkedIn. 

The most important change for organisations is related to the mindset: many psychologists highly recommend treating these post-pandemic changes as an opportunity to update ourselves and become flexible professionals with a great capacity for resilience.