Employee Experience for all

Creating positive experiences through Employee Experience makes it possible to build a more productive organisational culture, with a more pleasant work environment and happier work teams.  

With this in mind, the number one private firm of professional services worldwide, Deloitte, in their article “From Employee Experience to Human Experience” (United States, 2019), shares the following advice to improve thes strategies: 

  1. Each employee is our priority. Their experience is as valuable and can have as much of an impact as a customer loyalty strategy.  
  2. Appoint a leader or a person in charge of high performance strategies: this will promote employees commitment. 
  3. Incorporate Design Thinking: find and promote new ways to simplify work inside the different work teams. 
  4. Know your surroundings: find support on digital platforms to know what works for other companies. 
  5. Get all the members of the organisation involved: they will all provide different points of view and will want to be heard. 
  6. Rely on feedback to determine which practices should be kept and which should be restructured.  

An organisation’s transformation process does not happen in just one day. Dare to make small changes that will alter employees experience and help show their value for the company.