Performance Review and Career Plan

Human resource management specialists have conducted performance reviews for years. These reports have been essential for planning, budgets, sales and even billing of companies. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon to see that these activities are not focused on generating value for the employees themselves, but rather view only one side: how they can directly contribute to the organisation’s results.

However, over time, performance reviews have put forward the idea that “being busy” is not the same as “being productive.” Therefore, trends aim to create assessments which allow for boosting of employee growth within the organisation, so the latter can develop the employee’s potential oriented towards their career plan, and thus contribute to business results.

Performance reviews go beyond the company as such, as they directly affect:

  1.  The organisation
  2. Departments
  3.  Processes
  4.  Products or services for internal and external clients
  5. Teams or groups that seek to achieve results using collaborative methodologies

Making use of the potential identified in performance reviews for the career plan

When speaking of potential, we refer to the perfect combination of a person’s current capabilities and possible future roles; taking into account the person’s long-term capacity for personal growth and their potential deviations. At a business level, we refer to the management of a strategy which enables the efficient assignment of human resources to future jobs.

On the other hand, at an organisational level, one must understand the employee-organisation relationship, where one of the business objectives should point to the promotion of self-realization so that the human resource can find meaning; stimulating satisfaction for the organisation, motivation, and commitment.

Therefore, designing a career plan can be decisive for the satisfaction and retention of human resources within your organisation, because if the employees know their prospects for company progression and the steps to reach higher positions, they will understand that better results are achieved with effort, dedication, and perseverance, not only at a corporate level but also through personal growth.

Importance of the career plan

Not all companies, particularly small- and medium-sized companies, prepare career plans for their employees. Thus, in many organisations employees have no idea of their growth potential, their situation within the organisation, and what aspects can be improved so that the ideal results — concerning the goals of both the company and the employees themselves — can be achieved.

Go increasingly beyond with your employees, creating a diverse environment and a healthy setting which will encourage their satisfaction and the fulfilment of your purpose! That way, you will have happier and more committed employees.