Why choose the PDA 360° FEEDBACK?

The main difference between 360° Feedback assessments and traditional assessments is that this method proposes a feedback activity that involves different people with whom the person being assessed works, such as their director, colleagues, direct report staff or even clients.

90% of FORTUNE 500 companies have already joined in on this trend, implementing 360° assessments in their development and talent management processes because they allow agile, simple and friendly processes.

PDA International brings you the PDA 360° FEEDBACK: an assessment that evaluates competencies, understood as the skills, behaviours and abilities required for a particular job position. Its main benefits are its ability to detect training and development needs, identify employee strengths and areas of improvement, and provide employees with a simple tool for their self-development.

In this sense, the PDA 360º FEEDBACK is an online application developed to compile 360º survey data. It’s intuitive, dynamic and adaptable to different competency models. One of its advantages is that it can generate both individual and team reports.

The process is divided into three stages: the first one focuses on the resulting gaps between the results of the self-assessment and the answers of the other participants; the second one is a comparison with the PDA Assessment; and the third one is a qualitative section with comments and general recommendations.

Create a Career Plan with the PDA 360º FEEDBACK 

Key differences

The key differences of this tool —compared to others— is that it is aimed at the person, self-development and, furthermore, it comprises a paradigm transformation in organisations.

Graph on the paradigm shift of the PDA 360° FEEDBACK. Source: PDA International

Another particular difference of our PDA 360° FEEDBACK tool is that it can be customized; it is 100% online, it allows unlimited processes, it is integrated with the PDA Assessment and it can be integrated with the required level of competency.

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Continuous feedback adds value to your employees’ work and increases the sense of belonging. Dare to strengthen the potential of your employees with this tool.