Create a Career Plan with PDA 360º FEEDBACK

Organisations that work on the development of their employees’ potential not only boost the company’s productivity, but also contribute to corporate sustainability from the integral management of human resources, since there is a strong relationship between the self-realization needs of a person at work and the company’s effectiveness: the employee will be able to achieve their personal goals together with the company’s, achieving better performance and improved retention.

The immediate result is increased employee productivity, with goals and objectives to fulfil. In addition to the motivation provided, a career plan contributes to the company’s development, with more engaged professionals in search of improvement.

To design the career plan, it is important to define goals for the company and analyse how employees can help fulfil those objectives. Next, it is necessary to define how to achieve those results and the incentives to provide.

Furthermore, they also follow, along with senior management — who are usually part of the plan’s initiative — the progress and development of the professionals included in the career plan. PDA 360º FEEDBACK is one of the tools which enhance the creation of the career plan.

What is PDA 360º FEEDBACK?

PDA 360º FEEDBACK is an online application developed for a 360-degree survey. It is intuitive, dynamic and can be adapted to different competency models. It has the advantage of enabling the generation of both individual and team reports.

In addition, PDA 360º FEEDBACK allows to:

  • Detect training and development needs
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for employee improvement
  • Give employees simple tools for self-development
  • Increase the commitment and motivation of employees for them to feel acknowledged and valued
  • Create spaces to provide timely and concrete feedback on competencies

Promote the potential of your employees, improve the work environment and boost productivity within your organisation, by making the most of the agility and opportunity provided by digital tools for integral human resource management.