Success case: the impact of 360° Feedback

360° Feedback assessments are tools that provide a diagnostic of an employee, completed by people with whom he/she works and interacts. The main difference between 360° Feedback assessments compared to traditional assessments is that this method proposes that people from different areas are responsible for evaluating a professional, whether they be his/her superiors, peers, subordinates, clients, etc.

PDA International brings you PDA 360° FEEDBACK: an assessment that evaluates competencies, understood as the skills, behaviours and abilities required for a particular job position, its main benefits being its ability to detect training and development needs, identify employee strengths and areas of opportunity, and to provide employees with a simple tool for self-development.

In this regard, we would like to share the experience of one of our HR Business Partners, who is a member of a massive multinational consumer goods company, and who provided us with the following testimony on using the PDA 360° FEEDBACK tool:

“The experience was absolutely enlightening. The PDA 360° FEEDBACK tool provided us with a reliable and precise assessment on our team of leaders. Based on this diagnostic, we took both individual and group actions that were highly impactful for the team. Plus, the tool’s flexibility allowed us to leverage the company’s talent strategy, which is constantly being updated.

The sheer depth of the content and amount of comprehensive information that we obtained from the PDA 360° FEEDBACK report surprised our Human Resources Manager in a positive way. PDA 360° FEEDBACK helped us overcome various roadblocks related to resistance and evasion, which are often among the main weaknesses of companies. The tool is absolutely precise and suitable for in-depth and high-impact coaching.”

If your objective is to increase the commitment and motivation of your employees through recognition and evaluation, create spaces for timely feedback on competencies and to improve internal communication at your organisation, the PDA 360° FEEDBACK assessment is the ideal tool. It will provide you with the solutions you seek most.

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