The well-being of the organization depends on everyone

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the relationship between employees and organizations has changed dramatically, and although it is not new, the concept of well-being has taken on special relevance.

Improving the well-being of employees in the company should be one of the main priorities of any organization, not only to increase people’s satisfaction, but also to improve their motivation, their productivity and, therefore, that of the company as a whole.

But beyond the improvement actions that each company can carry out, how can we, from the leadership, contribute to generate this well-being? What role do the collaborators themselves have in this?

Not everything depends on human resources

In relation to this issue, Andrés Oliveros, Co-Founder of Astrolab, told us in the HR Live on How to design constructive work experiences, that those leaders of remote teams should reserve a special time outside the strictly work tasks, to generate spaces for constructive conversation and promote the exchange with employees.

Similarly, it is necessary that this practice is also carried out by employees among themselves in order to weave bonds of closeness and break the digital barrier.

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