Why should we measure organisational environment?

When we talk about “work environment”, we’re referring to a concept that is determined by several variables. To create actions for a good perception of the work environment, it’s necessary for the talent managers to take an active position.

In this sense, not only goals and results are important, but also the way they’re achieved. According to the study Preparing for take-off, between 2013 and 2018, the worldwide staff turnover increased by 23% and one of the main causes was work environment.

In the same way, according to a survey conducted by Ranstad, a negative work environment can cost up to 60% of employee productivity. This is why it is important that employees feel recognised, involved and listened to.

Is work environment in your company bad? What are you doing to improve it?

We want to share with you four measures that all companies should implement to begin to improve their work environment and satisfy the needs of their employees.

-Value people: valuing employees’ opinions is key to maintaining a good work environment. People are an organisation’s most valuable asset.

-Manage problems: all companies go through hard times, i.e. situations that can arise but that can be overcome through dedication and joint effort, thus strengthening the group’s spirit.

Strengthen relationships: a company is comprised of people that have different work styles, habits and ways of undertaking and carrying out tasks and projects. This should be turned into a strength, given that it helps form work teams with diverse viewpoints.

Lots of communication: communication at the company is vital to maintaining a good work environment. A variety of communication channels, whether in person or digital, must always be available.

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I’m not sure what the environment is like in my organisation!

An organisational environment test allows the organisation to obtain a diagnosis of the current situation, whether employees are satisfied or not, or whether there is any issue that is preventing the company from reaching 100% productivity, and to know how employees are living the experience of working in the organisation. The goal of this test is to identify pain points so that measures can be taken to improve work environment management and, as a result, take care of the company’s employer branding.

In addition, it allows you to assess the sources of conflict, stress or dissatisfaction that contribute to the development of negative attitudes and provides the bases for planning and intervention oriented to the improvement of the life quality, productivity, harmony and training, in the short, medium and long term.

Knowing the employees’ current perception of the organisation will allow you to create accurate and effective action plans which will increase well-being and happiness!