Learn the consequences of a bad recruitment process

When a recruitment process is started, the employer can easily make mistakes that do not project the image that the company wants and can generate a  negative experience for the candidate.

The productivity of the employee

A poorly filled vacancy affects productivity because the employee will not perform as efficiently as he or she should, in addition, time and money invested in  training should be focused to help the individual grow and reach their potential while meeting the demands of the role. Initial loss is normal as new employees are brought on board but if the learning curve becomes slow and isn’t focused future profitability of the organisation can be impacted.

Loss of stability

Experts assure that existing clients and prospects lose confidence in the company when they see that a position is continually changing or when the team does not have a certain stability,

Unstable Labour Climate

Inadequate incorporation of a new employee could affect the work environment, especially if the person does not adjust to the culture and organisational values.

Think first about your team!

Taking advantage of internal talent will save the induction costs and can increase satisfaction in the rest of the team, as it creates an environment which provides individuals with the opportunity to grow within the organisation.

Detect inefficient practices

Having a team that draws up a plan for the recruitment process, that is also responsible for analysing its effectiveness and can continue to improve the processes, will avoid these errors.

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