Create an unforgettable candidate experience

Make them become an ambassador for your Brand

The new trends in selection processes point to their effect on the perception of the company and the reputation of the employer brand “Employer Branding” that is why efforts are focused on creating a positive experience for the candidates.

These strategies make it possible to ensure that unsuccessful candidates maintain a positive impression of the company, in addition, newly hired employees who rate their selection process as excellent, generate faster commitment.

Do you know what is said about your company?

According to the online reputation platform for companies, Glassdoor, 70% of candidates trust the opinions of the employees when making their decision, and most consult six different sources in their research. As employers, we cannot have control of the platforms where there are conversations about our organisation that is why we should motivate our employees to create content that shares positive experiences linked to the company. This will undoubtedly be an attraction for future candidates!

Avoid negative experiences

One of the reasons a candidate might have a negative experience during the recruitment process is the lack of regular follow up or simply the interruption of contact, creating a communication vacuum that influences our image.

It is surprising how most companies do not effectively communicate after an application has been submitted. According to the 2017 North American Candidate Experience Research Talent Boar Report, 64% of job seekers do not receive any response after a decision has been made about their application and 74% say that they have never been asked about their experience.

This reflects how employers do not provide any advice that benefits the candidate, nor do they consult the applicant about their opinion of the process, taking that information to improve their practices.

Discover how to improve your recruitment process

  1. Upon receiving an application, inform the candidate about each step of the selection process and what the steps consist of. Provide a detailed description of the position and the tasks that will be performed. If during a phase candidates are being sifted, it is recommended that they are informed that only the successful people will be contacted.
  2. The second phase is usually an interview, during this process, it is important to recognise the presence of the candidate and their willingness to continue in the process.
  3. In case of sifting candidates after the personal interview, it is recommended that contact is made via telephone or personalised mail giving the reasons why on this occasion they were unsuccessful, as well as letting them know their strengths and growth areas so they can apply these observations in their next interviews.

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