Invest in the development of your staff

In general, companies tend to concern themselves very little with the growth of their staff. This is due to the fact that, when planning objectives or prressing for results, for a variety of reasons, leaders focus primarily on their staff’s current abilities rather than their potential.

In this sense, efforts almost inevitably always end up targeting the same processes and the same strategies. This situation not only creates a feeling of stagnation in people, but also stunts productivity. In an increasingly dynamic world, we must stay up to speed on the latest trends and consistently use them to optimise our work.

Investing in the growth of your staff is investing in the growth of your organisation, which is why opening up spaces where people can learn and develop leads to more benefits than losses. The idea is to reinforce individual skills, talent and creativity, and to improve the company’s organisational skills and add value to intangible assets.

Where do we start?

Taking the above into account, it is paramount that leaders have tools that help them execute development plans and gain an in-depth understanding of the situation pertaining to the team and to each individual. Thus, conducting surveys on employee perspectives and tasks can be a great starting point.

To do this, we can use the PDA 360º FEEDBACK assessment, a tool that helps us look at the big picture concerning the team’s situation, the objective being to drive the staff’s growth, helping them discover their strengths and areas of opportunity. Taking this into account, we can work on different training and coaching actions personalised for each member.

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It is important to understand that, in today’s world, performing the same procedures over and over with the same level of efficiency is no longer enough to be competitive. To the contrary, we must develop improvement plans, personal development plans and, above all, extend the concept of continuous improvement to both internal processes and those that involve the customer.

Become an exemplary leader. Invest in your staff’s development!