Check out the most read blog posts of 2018

(Part One)

Over the course of the year we have brought to light various topics related to trends that give dynamism to Human Resources, providing a space to develop and deepen critical knowledge through e-books and interactive blog posts on our social networks.

That is why we have decided to compile the most read posts, which we hope you enjoy:

Diversity management, where each and every one of us is valuable

Human Resources trends aim at managing diversity as a corporate strategy intended to encourage and integrate the plurality present at the organisation and thus translate it into economic and social benefits, understanding that companies are social groups made up of unique individuals that must collaborate based on the same goals.

How do we promote DIGITAL DNA within an organisation?

Digital transformation allows us to explore new scenarios and customise new challenges for organisations, in particular for Human Resources Management and its Digital DNA.

That is why organisations plan major and structural changes that will be necessary in this transformation in terms of new ways of managing people, new ways of finding and developing talent, of communicating with staff, of strengthening leadership.

Agile methodologies: Boosting productivity

What we know as the main pillars of building a project –beginning, planning, execution, follow-up and closing– is still valid. However, agile methodologies offer a new perspective in which projects must adapt to certain characteristics that are relative to the context, the degree of stability, the frequency of deliveries, the strategies and the communication methods and, thus, define the work methodology. This is demonstrated in two reports about project management: Pulse of the profession, by the PMI, and Chaos report, by the Standish Group.