How do we promote DIGITAL DNA within an organisation?

Digital transformation allows us to explore new scenarios and customise new challenges for organisations, in particular for Human Resources management.

That is why organisations plan major and structural changes that will be necessary in this transformation in terms of new ways of managing people, new ways of finding and developing talent, of communicating with staff, of strengthening leadership.

Human Resources sectors must transform and adopt new tools that strike a balance between organisational objectives and new practices (product of digitalisation), in order to find new ways of working that are in line with the new times. This is what innovation is all about.

What factors should we consider in order to promote Digital DNA?

Digital culture: organisational culture must be transformed in order to allow companies to focus on results and meet pre-established objectives, and to motivate agile teams within hierarchical structures.

Business model: business models must be adapted to the requirements of the workplace and the needs of the organisation’s stakeholders.

User knowledge: knowing the user is key, which is why using Analytics and Big Data technologies helps us understand behaviour at each point of contact in real time and, based on this information, create appropriate strategies.

User experience: user experience is central when capturing customer preferences and distinguishing a company from its competitors.

More and more organisations are coming on board with digital trends to enhance their activities and effectively achieve their objectives.