Challenges for organisations in 2019

The new trends in management models for organisations paint a promising picture, centred on talent and inclusive, diverse and committed environments. (Read about these trends here).

At PDA International, we decided to launch a survey that sampled the opinions of our clients in LATAM to get to know in detail the challenges that organisations will face in 2019. The results are the following:

When asked about the area in human resources that represents a greater challenge, 45.5% of those surveyed answered “organisational culture,” 36.4% said “talent retention” and 18.2% chose “recruitment and selection.” This shows that organisations are taking on the challenge to adapt trends to their environment in order to create a space where employees can accomplish their goals and obtain satisfaction from their duties.

Regarding the biggest challenge for recruitment and selection, 36.4% of those surveyed chose employment branding, followed by the development of new profiles with 27.3%, and the positions definition and benefits package with 18.2%. In this sense, companies are not only working to improve their internal environment but also to be perceived as employers whose efforts will allow them to position themselves ahead of competitors.

In the context of talent retention, 36.4% of those surveyed think that the greatest challenge is to draw up a career plan which will allow employees to develop their personal and professional purposes, while 36.4% of respondents said that the biggest challenge is the training of effective leadership, 18.2% think it’s performance management (performance assessment) and 9.1% say it’s development and continuous training.

On the other hand, when talking about organisational culture, 36.4% of respondents said that the biggest challenge had to do with digital transformation, while 36.4% awarded it to adapting to the new work and organisational structures technologies, 18.2% of the respondents thought the biggest challenge had to do with diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and 9.1% chose the process of merging companies and cultural homogenisation.

It’s very important to keep in mind that organisational culture is the area on which human resources specialists are focusing their efforts, according to the answers obtained from the first item of this survey. However, for it to develop, it’s crucial that it goes hand in hand with the opportunities provided by the digital transformation, such as processes automation and incorporation of artificial intelligence in the company’s activities.

Finally, 36.4% of those surveyed claim that the main challenge about outplacement is the succession plan, followed by culture improvement which produces a change in the organisation’s employees, while 27.3% chose career transition programmes.

Without a doubt, the challenges that organisations are taking on are aligned with this new year’s trends, which is why at PDA International we believe that you must show each employee their value and keep them motivated, all of which will show quality management in human resources.