New Year, New Trends

2019 is here and we are ready to put a spotlight on the new Human Resources models that are trending right now. Here is a list of seven trends in Human Capital Management according to Top Employers Institute:

  1. Employee-Oriented Strategies

We are definitely going to see more and more initiatives that place employees at the centre of the organisation. We need to work at identifying key moments for employees and creating experiences that strengthen their commitment to and enchantment with the organisation.
Among these people-first strategies, increasingly imaginative initiatives that focus on well-being are attracting a lot of attention and becoming a strategic priority.We are also going to see more and more flexibility practices, with versatile work spaces at offices, telecommuting and a return of facilities to more central locations.

  1. Innovative Communication

Emotional communication with innovative formats will be key to making a real impact on employees. They will be the protagonists of messages. Their testimonies, as brand ambassadors that transmit authenticity, will be essential.

Video is definitely going to be the predominant format for these types of messages. Communication will need to be fully adapted to all types of screens (responsive) and segmented according to the different types of employee profiles.

  1. Participatory Opinion

Bottom-up change management will involve employees at all levels of the organisation so that ideas can flow and desired results can be achieved. Giving workers the chance for their voice to be heard will strengthen their commitment to the organisation.

  1. People Analytics

Only 47% of the world’s Top Employers are currently able to obtain data that shows employee alignment with the business. Deepening the connection between the people strategy and the business strategy will be the primary challenge for organisations in 2019.

To improve the operational impact of HR, companies are going to implement a wide variety of new profiles, such as HR Data Analyst, Employer Branding Community Manager or Data and Talent Technology Integrator, among many others. In addition, there will be a focus on improving data collection and implementing different HR information systems.

  1. Jobs with Values

Creating work environments that have a clear meaning for employees will be key, especially to attract and retain younger generations.Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities make workers feel proud, help improve the reputation of companies within the communities in which they operate, thus strengthening their employer branding.

Other notable trends include:

  1. Employer Engagement

Generating loyalty among our employees means coming up with individual strategies that create gratifying experiences, both individual and collective. These experiences will result in brand ambassadors that generate the engagement needed to enjoy their work.

Generating loyalty among employees by attending to their individual needs will be key. Companies are going to try to fill positions with qualified workers and, in exchange, they should work hard to retain them.

  1. Teambuilding and Gaming

Human Resources departments are going to make an effort to organise activities that strengthen team spirit and cooperation. Plus, we are going to see selection processes change and opt for gaming techniques in order to quickly learn what skills employees actually possess.

Get ready to apply each of these strategies and achieve the goals you have set for 2019: more effective processes, more efficient use of time and more synergised teams.