Why continuous feedback in your organisation is vital

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. Og Mandino

For years, when Companies wanted to focus on assessing and measuring employee performance, they would rely on performance appraisals at a given time of the year, usually the end of the financial year. Invariably it became the only real opportunity for meaningful dialogue on performance issues.

How can we do this better? Let’s find a solution that provides better results and is oriented to continuous feedback.

Continuous feedback comprises on-going communication with participants with the purpose of providing much wider information with far greater scope. This creates an environment of proactiveness and allows participants to take greater charge of their professional careers.

The quality of the data obtained through continuous feedback allows us to know details about the performance level and difficulties that employees are expressing. Nowadays, HR Departments are working with new assessment models based on well-defined objectives. Based on the results delivered by this continuous feedback solution, they have a clearer response capacity and can create more realistic action plans.

A continuous feedback process enables talent management professionals to not only receive information, but also provide feedback to employees with the purpose of giving them an opportunity to improve and create a healthy work environment.

With this system, HR managers can empathise with employees, obtaining quality information in a close and transparent way, different to the old corporate communication methods. An employee who receives continuous feedback has far greater clarity and understanding of what has to be done, thus encouraging him or her to perform better.

Some benefits of continuous feedback:

  • better quality of information.
  • higher response capacity.
  • higher empathy and performance.
  • lower employee turnover.
  • better organisational environment.

Come and talk to us and see how continuous feedback can help you.