When the only option is virtual recruitment

The new processes of online talent attraction are a consequence of the digital disruption we’re currently experiencing. With Virtual Recruitment different platforms are used to contact potential candidates who could fill a vacant position in the organisation. 

We’re more than just our CV 

When the Human Resources department decides to set in motion a Virtual Recruitment process, your digital footprint will be taken into account together with your CV in order to analyse it more globally and get a more solid concept of the candidate. 

Being able to have a direct “candidate-organisation” contact has allowed more companies to adopt these practices. Some advantages are:
– Posting job offers online is a very fast process. You can give visibility to the job positions offered both through the company’s web page as well as third party job search platforms or the organisation’s social media profiles. 

– Virtual recruitment is much cheaper than traditional recruitment. The time needed to carry out a recruitment campaign like this is much less than when you have to gather several candidates in a physical space. 

– Having direct communication with the candidate allows us to know their behaviours and opinions even before scheduling a face to face interview. 

– Candidates will feel much more attracted to a company with a good image than to an unknown organisation. 

– People who are looking for a job also research which companies offer jobs and what positions are available. 

We want teams that accelerate change and adapt to new challenges! For that, we have to be open to creating positive, empathetic experiences in the learning process of this new normal!