What we learned organising #HRDay The New Normal

We recently had an extraordinary experience: we hosted a digital event for over ten thousand people, with over 30 speakers and participants as diverse as the places they connected from; this challenge to celebrate International Human Resources Day was prepared for English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speakers. 

Today we want to share, with a badge (of pride) on our chests, the lessons this event taught us. 

  1. Present your proposal appropriately 

With this we don’t refer to an extensive development of your idea, but to the ability of making your proposal as understandable and attractive as possible for everyone (or your audience) to want to participate. 

  1. Choose your players and their role! 

Just like a team trains for the world cup, your team begins a process —a virtual one— in which they have to jointly create, plan and coordinate every detail. That’s why it’s essential to delegate tasks according to their roles and to set follow-up stages. 

  1. Clearly define the event and its goal 

Ask yourself: what do I want to achieve after this event? Building loyalty, debating with partners, making my organisation known, networking… (Insert here the answer that adapts to your case). 

Knowing our audience we’ll give us the specific approach, guests and answers to our needs. 

  1. Use the schedule in your favour 

Unlike other events, HRDay was simultaneously celebrated in four different places, with different time zones, topics and speakers, so thorough team and schedule coordination was necessary to avoid conflicts among platforms, time slots, etc. 

      5. Expect the unexpected 

There will be unexpected details and they will all have to be solved quickly. There’s no doubt about that! But let yourself wonder at everything that can come from it: meaningful conversations, learning new things and ways to create. You’ve reached your goal!