What TED Talks say about Feedback

Earlier, we discovered the importance of Feedback, not only as a tool to give, but also to receive information that allows us to recognise positive behaviours, as well as identify behaviours that we should change, based on feeling more motivated, being more productive and creating synergy in our work environment.

For learning more about the feedback process, we want to share some TED Talks by experts.

1- How to use others’ feedback to learn and grow | Sheila Heen

Most efforts to improve individual and organisational learning focus on teaching people how to give feedback. Heen is a New York Times best-selling author of two books, she specialises in particularly difficult negotiations – where emotions run high and relationships become strained.

2- The Joy of Getting Feedback | Joe Hirsch

What if getting feedback wasn’t a source of fear, but joy?  In this personal talk, speaker Joe Hirsch makes a passionate case for sharing “feedforward,” a new view of human potential. When feedback draws others closer to their future selves, they experience the joy of self-discovery that leads to positive and lasting change.

3-  Closing the Loop on Feedback | M Daniel Suwyn

We are taught that constructive feedback is critical for individual and group success. But what if the data clearly shows otherwise: 90 percent of all feedback has no or negative impact on performance.  Award-winning journalist and editor sets this out in this Talk.

Feedback is more than the information we receive from others about how we are doing our job.