What is Personal Branding and what is it for?

We display our personal brand all the time: in front of our family and friends, in academic or work environments, both online and offline. In reality, Personal Branding has always existed, but its presence in 2.0 platforms has boosted its importance.

According to Fernández and Ramos (2015)*, Personal Branding is the result of a process of creation, implementation and brand management that takes on the first and/or last name of the person. This humanisation reveals a real person’s profile and their attributes, to stand out in their field, in the same way as the brands of companies which provide products and services.

In order to establish this personal brand, you must answer the following questions: How do I want others to perceive me? What are my talents and abilities? How can I differentiate myself from others? What can I offer that others cannot?

With this in mind, we want to share the know-how so you can start to build your own profile:

A.- Authenticity: A value that refers to the veracity of one’s actions, feelings and behaviour. It demonstrates coherence between what we are, say, and do.

B.- Buzz: The Buzz — or generation of interest — encourages us to share our projects not only with our superiors, but also with our colleagues, friends, and environment,  to know their views on the topic and make use of those which can empower us.

C.- Contacts: One of the greatest tools for personal brand empowerment is the network of contacts or networking. It is common for the best work positions to appear by having a direct relationship with managers.

In short, along the path of getting to know ourselves and showing ourselves as we really are (authenticity), sharing what we do and think (buzz), we will reach increasingly more people (contacts).

Feel free to know your strengths and areas of improvement; to boost your personal brand and get closer to your goals!

*Fernández and Ramos (2015), Persuasive technologies and their use in advertising.