What is flexible work?

According to the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the term “flexible work” describes a type of work agreement that provides for a certain degree of flexibility with regards to various aspects. 

More specifically, we are talking about work time, location and pattern. The options are as varied as the worker’s needs. 

What does work flexibility consist of? 

  • Improving employee quality of life 
  • Enhancing productivity 
  • Promoting savings initiatives 

 Regarding this, we have collected some conclusions drawn by OCCMundial

  • Emotional salary increases employee productivity by 33%. 
  • Emotional salary reduces the number of days lost due to low efficiency or failure to achieve the goals by 66%. 
  • Emotional salary reduces work absenteeism by 51% due to employee accidents, illness or personal problems. 

The opportunity to work with flexibility improves our ability to align our purpose with our actions, allowing us to operate in increasingly committed contexts.