What is Disruptive Leadership?

One of the terms related to global trends is ‘disruption’. When we talk about disruption, we refer to those actions which cause an abrupt breakdown. The term is used to give meaning to something that has experienced a major or decisive change. A correct definition of this term is associated with changing the way people think, or the way in which things are done.

A notable example of disruption is technological progress, since these types of changes determine the disappearance of products or services as a result of a change in people’s mindset over time.

Now, let’s talk about disruptive leaders…

The disruptive leader is someone who is always looking for better solutions and ways to establish new processes and wants to make an impact on the business as a whole, without worrying about shaking up things or altering the paths to obtain the necessary results.

Disruptive leaders include their team members in the processes, maintaining transparency and allowing for more convenient decision-making. This kind of leaders will not have great difficulties in reporting what they want, when and why. The most important thing is that they will take part in the necessary actions for this to happen.

A distinctive component of this style is that leaders expect the unexpected and thrive with the highest levels of uncertainty, being ideal for guiding the team and transmitting calm and trust. One of the most famous disruptive leaders, known for his creative vision, was Steve Jobs, responsible for the success of the company Apple and also known for being the first one to voice criticism, a practice that he defended based on the results of his team.

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Having a disruptive leader in the team, capable of transgressing processes, can offer a refreshing look and increase employees’ motivation.