We Do Not Do Remote Work; We Are a Native Digital Company

While it is true that the implementation of an already obsolete concept, such as remote work, is more of a cultural issue than a technological issue (attitude vs. aptitude), what is certain is that it is not possible to take concrete measures for carrying it out without technology. 

At first, this introduction to contextualise the subject, so tediously famous these days, may seem obvious to many professionals, but it is not obvious at all to the vast majority of companies, especially for SMEs. This, undoubtedly, has led to the fact that many companies were somewhat unprepared for this “organisational tsunami”. 

With no intention of scandalising “traditional” CIOs, who may already be having a hard time giving convincing explanations to their CEOs, in this article we present the “cloud” technology our company works with, in case we can somehow provide value to your company or professional activity in this moment. 


Google Suite 

Our company does not have a single license of the classic Windows installed and we work with free operating systems. Our only concern is to be able to access the internet to operate with the office automation platform of Mountain View’s giant. From the very beginning, instead of working with documents lcocally, we simply create them, edit them, share them and send them from our dear Google Drive. Obviously, in order to avoid any possible complications, before sending them by our corporate Gmail, we convert them very easily to the formats of the 20th century. 


While our friends from Google provide us with a solution, Google Meet, this cannot be used to organise webinars and meetings for a large group. Easy, fast, reliable and with much better picture and sound quality than the classic Skype, Zoom  has been our choice for a while now to update our customers. 



This is the friend that does the dirty work so that the others understand one another. That is to say, it is a web platform that allows task automation and it can be used with hundreds of cloud applications, including the most used social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In short, it makes our lives a lot easier by defining and automating repetitive tasks, without cost for our customers (companies and professionals).  

Apart from professional social networks like LinkedIn, which we obviously use on a daily basis and for which we religiously pay the Recruiter solution, we could talk about some other tools, but we believe that this is the basic kit to bring about the necessary changes so that working does not imply a physical place but productive actions wherever you are. Now, the acquisition of habit and the cultural transformation of your company or activity are up to you, unless you prefer to continue listening to the traditional CIO whose aim is to keep outdated technology operational and who continues dedicating hours to that application in local mode developed in the 1990s.  

Having said all this, and in all modesty, we are not an IT provider, but we can definitely help you with what you need in these complicated days because, proudly, we are a native digital company! 


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin 



Written by Alberto F. Varela (CEO of Servitalent)