The organisation we all want to work for

Earlier we discussed the importance of the work environment in employee productivity and how it indeed influences their commitment to the team along with the recognition and sense of belonging to the organisation.

In this article we want to talk about the factors that should be taken into account and that contribute to building a positive work environment:

  1. Physical conditions

The physical conditions include the environmental characteristics that organisations provide for employees to perform their jobs: lighting, sound, workspace distribution, location of people, supplies, etc. It has been scientifically proven that improvements made to lighting significantly increase productivity.

  1. Independence

Independence measures an individual’s degree of autonomy in executing their regular tasks. Each and every employee having access to as much independence as they are capable of shouldering favours a positive environment.

  1. Teamwork

The level of maturity, respect, how we communicate with one another, collaboration or lack of camaraderie, as well as trust, are all crucial aspects. The quality of human relationships within an organisation is perceived by customers.

  1. Recognition

It’s easy to recognise the prestige of those who regularly flaunt it, but it’s harder to distinguish those who, due to their rank, don’t usually stand out. When there is never any recognition given for a job well done, this leads to apathy and a progressively deteriorating work environment.

  1. Compensation

The compensation system is key to a positive work environment. Average and low fixed salaries don’t contribute because they don’t allow for an assessment of improvements or results. Assigning a static salary immobilises the person that receives it. Salaries that exceed average levels are motivating, but they also fail to drive performance. Competitive organisations have created salary policies based on parameters relating to efficiency and measurable results. This creates an environment motivated to achieve success and boost efforts.

Ensuring that we provide an environment that fosters employee well-being helps us build solid organisations with high-performing teams!