The Mindset Shift Organisations Need

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein 

Organisations are challenged to find ways to improve their overall productivity and performance. Based on organisational culture, there is space to talk about improving. For this, the current organisational culture can be used as a starting point to make the changes deemed necessary.
If an organisation’s culture is aligned with its goals, this can become a competitive advantage and “strategic asset” that leads to success. On the other hand, if the culture is not aligned, there will be a greater tendency to inefficiency, impaired performance and lack of effectiveness in achieving objectives. 

An employee’s perception of their organisation directly affects their motivation and, therefore, performance in their daily tasks. If an employee sees that there are opportunities for professional growth within the company, they will feel more motivated when it comes to dealing with challenges as these arise. 

If employees feel discouraged, their productivity, health and satisfaction will be at stake; for the organisation, this translates into losing money. 

In order to transform an organisation and instil an agile mindset, we must rethink not only processes, but also organisational structure, design, human capital management, culture and leadership. We must also consider rethinking how we see employees: are they “functional assets” or can we start noticing changes in their personal interactions in their projects outside the organisation; this means thinking about individuals integrally. 

Thus, we will have more agile, productive, and healthier organisations! 

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