The challenge of Reskilling

The world we live in today has accelerated a digital transformation driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, turning into a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. 

In order to undergo this digital transformation, we have to learn new skills; not only technological, but also the so-called “soft skills”, which are intra personal and interpersonal skills that allow us to perform different roles. 

This process of skills adaptation of our key groups is a talent management strategy that supposes the following: 

  • Betting on self-directed training by employees, basically in what refers to workflow and in a collective and social way. 
  • A deep strategic view of the senior management that results in a skills mapping of the main groups. 
  • The reinvention of the organisational learning pyramid by HR. 

Even before the current crisis, at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, held in January 2019, more than 3,000 political and business leaders agreed that reskilling is one of the four major issues that must be emphasized in order to avoid the economy and the job market to be affected. 

Reskilling has already stopped being an option and has become an urgent necessity.