Teams that inspire! Strengthen teamwork

A motivated team will be more productive, happy and committed.

Currently, the labour market is highly competitive and organisations are increasingly looking for employees with profiles that match and integrate with their team. This is why it is important to retain talent through motivation and recognition of their work, which will also boost productivity.  Teams are highly inter-dependent and need one another to get things done.

With this in mind, creating the right climate for teams to perform is a future investment area for organisations, given that it strengthens relationships and this positively affects the employee.

It can prove difficult to create a sense of empowerment and collaboration without first enabling relationships to be developed between employees as they each gain knowledge of their own strengths and potential development areas as well as their colleagues.  It is, therefore, important to create an environment that makes them feel safe and encourages their participation by allowing them to show vulnerability, make mistakes, ask questions, offer new ideas and take risks.

As the one responsible for creating the right climate in the organisation the leader’s role is key in encouraging, inspiring and strengthening cross-functional teamwork.

It is also very important to recognise that all team members efforts are valued and when they feel safe and motivated they will discover more about themselves and will recognise how they and their colleagues each contribute to the team.