Team Building, a tool for collaborative work

Teamwork demands effort and self-awareness from employees, but in return allows the team to reach goals in a productive and effective way.

Collaborative work seeks to set tasks in a flexible way and, according to the needs of each project, allows a fluid collaboration where each member can share their point of view and possible solutions.

Recognising that all members are important is fundamental in creating synergy to enjoy each process: being aware that alone we may arrive faster, but together we will make it farther, will be the hardest challenge.

One of the best and most used approaches to integrating a high-performance team is through “Team Building” which consists of a series of activities, if possible outside the workplace that will encourage the incorporation of strategies and real solutions.

Coordination and the sense of belonging are aspects that are pursued during team building to complete projects effectively and to promote consolidation and trust between members.

In PDA International, team building activities form part of our Team Strengthening Workshop accompanied by an effective PDA Consulting intervention that, based on self-knowledge, allows teams to create a safe environment, build a new relationship-management model among members, thus consolidating the position of the leader, strengthening the team and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Counting on an inter-dependent collaborative and multidisciplinary team is essential to achieve maximum performance. By supporting each other we accelerate the processes of creation, implementation and control.