Talent management trends for 2021

How to start 2021 after such a transforming 2020? This is the question we are all asking ourselves.  

So, in this article, we will discuss the main trends in talent management that will be present in the new year. 

We coped with 2020 thanks to technological advancements, which allowed us to pursue our goals remotely, upon a challenging context as the one brought by COVID-19. 

Grab pen and paper (or digital post it) and take note of these trends: 

  1. Workspace adaptation: It is very likely that we will be working under hybrid formats, that is from home, coworking spaces or offices that meet biosafety requirements. 
  2. Upskilling and Reskilling for the future of work: Learning and retraining on skills, competencies and abilities will allow employees to expand their presence in the work market and not be marginalized by the improvements in technology.  
  3. Data and more data: The application of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality (mixed reality), machine learning to different talent management processes with the purpose of automating processes, minimizing time consumed, resources and innovating.  
  4. Significant experiences: Virtual and in-person, everything will have an impact. From the hiring process to on-boarding to after-office events and parties. The challenge is to design high-impact journeys and create unforgettable moments.  
  5. Digital onboarding: Following point 4., in order to integrate new employees, initiatives such as virtual events and process gamification will be necessary. The purpose is to guarantee that, within the work-from-home context, they can quickly incorporate to organisational processes and culture.  


  1. Digital disconnection:  

This is an emerging but latent trend. One third of Top Employers companies already regulated in 2020 the right of employees to not respond to emails or work-related messages after work hours.  

What do you think about these trends? Have you included any in your 2021 planning?