Stronger teams thanks to feedback

A survey carried out by the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) shows that 52.3% of young people think that teamwork is the most in-demand skill, followed by  communication skills (33.3%) and creativity (14.4%). 44.7% highlights teamwork precisely.  

Keys to successful teamwork: 

  • Define the tasks for each member: that way, everyone will know their duties and deadlines. 
  • Promote effective communication through protocols and well-established channels. 
  • Set up a weekly follow-up of each goal: that way, progress can be monitored. 
  • Establish continuous feedback strategies. 

The need for continuous feedback has motivated the application of 360º feedback tools, in which the main difference, compared to traditional assessment methods, is that this one involves different people with whom the assessee works, such as their manager, peers, direct reports and even customers. 

90% of FORTUNE 500 companies have already joined in on this trend, implementing 360° assessments into their development and talent management processes because these allow the implementation of fast, simple and friendly processes. 

PDA International brings you the PDA 360° FEEDBACK: an assessment that evaluates competencies, understood as the skills, behaviours and abilities required for a particular job position, its main benefits being its ability to detect training and development needs, to identify employee strengths and areas of opportunity, and to provide employees with a simple tool for self-development. PDA 360° FEEDBACK is different from other tools because it is customisable, it does not set a limited number of assessors, and it can be integrated with the required level for each skill and with PDA Assessment. 

Working in a team is both an incentive and a challenge for employees and companies. When you work in a team, each member’s efforts are enhanced, reducing the action time and increasing the efficiency of the results.