SOS Organisational Culture. The need for the digital!

“Digital transformation has to do with putting the client and the employee at the centre of the strategy.” – Elena Gómez. 

The transformation of the digital organisational culture allows us to explore new scenarios and set new challenges for organisations, in particular for Human Resources management and its Digital DNA. 

That is why organisations plan major and structural changes that will be necessary in this transformation in terms of new ways of managing people, new ways of finding and developing talent, of communicating with staff, of strengthening leadership.  

Human Resources departments need to adopt new tools to find balance between the organisational goals and the new practices (produced by digitalisation), in order to find new ways of doing the work which are aligned with the new times. 

How can you promote Digital DNA? 

– Digital culture: the organisational culture must transmute in order to allow companies to focus on results and meet pre-established objectives, as well as to motivate agile teams on hierarchical structures. 

– Business model: business models must adapt to the needs of the environment and to the organisation’s stakeholders

– User knowledge: knowing the user is key, which is why the use of Analytics and Big Data technology allows us to understand the behaviour in each contact point in real time and to create appropriate strategies using that information. 

– User experience: the experience of the user is crucial when capturing the clients’ preferences and setting your company apart from the competition. 

Each day more and more organisations are joining in on digital trends to boost their activities and achieve their objectives.