Self-awareness, the key to success in vocational choice

By being aware of ourselves, we will be able to build a plan based on our characteristics, strengths and talents. We can focus on being integrally satisfied with our life. In this sense, knowing what our vocation is comes into play as the first step to choosing our profession.

Vocation is nothing more than the process in which you find an activity you are passionate about, i.e., the combination of what you want, your interests, skills, the social context in which you live and even your family’s influence.

Discovering your vocation

Psychologically speaking, vocational guidance is understood as the choice that brings happiness to a person whose main idea is to avoid a future disappointment, based on their interests, personality and the most rewarding activities, so that, this way, they can choose a career based on their needs.

Choosing a career according to your vocational orientation was not something simple a couple of years ago; however, with the implementation of technology, in almost all areas of our life, taking a vocational test today is increasingly accessible to young people. Studies from the most prestigious universities coincide that at least 47% of students do not choose their careers according to their real vocation.

When self-awareness is secondary

Many times people don’t stop or devote the time required for self-analysis. However, this process is extremely important to analyse oneself. It is about discovering who we really are and, consequently, being able to make better decisions.

A tool that allows initiating the exploratory level of self-awareness is the PDA Assessment (Personal Development Analysis), an assessment that through a simple, precise and scientifically-validated methodology, allows to describe and analyse the behavioural profile of individuals and, thus, find out their leadership and decision-making styles, motivators, and more.

You can take a free test to discover your behavioural profile. Give it a try! Click here: