Scrum, the collaborative working method

Organisations seek new methods every day which allow them to achieve their objectives both efficiently and effectively.

That’s where Scrum comes in: a process to which a set of good practices to work collaboratively is applied in order to achieve the objectives of a project. This is one of the practices implemented in high-performance teams.

In this sense, this method is specially designed for projects in complex environments, demanding quick results, where the requirements are dynamic, giving way to innovation, competitiveness and productivity.

To implement this process, it is necessary to plan the iteration where meeting cycles and the execution and monitoring of actions are established.

The Scrum team consists of three different roles:

  • The Product Owner is the “customer’s voice” and is responsible for developing, maintaining and prioritising tasks.
  • The Scrum Master is responsible for making sure the team’s work goes well by following the Scrum basics. In addition, he/she is responsible for removing any obstacle the development team may encounter.
  • Development Team Members are in charge of the actions.

In summary, Scrum is a method that can be applied to any type of project and, although its execution requires team members to change their work culture, positive results and the reduction of time and costs generated make all the sacrifice worthwhile.

Creating an agile culture

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