Reverse Mentoring According to Experts

Learning about Reverse Mentoring (i.e., involving younger employees to guide experienced workers in different fields) places us in a new direction, not only as decision makers within the company, but also in the mindset to approach our goals.  

For this reason, we invite you to watch these TEDx Talks in which the experts provide us with more information about this topic: 

  1. TheRoadto Imagination and Creativity? About Reverse Mentoring | Peter Gregorie 

Peter Gregorie is an insurance lawyer who, after 20 years and two novels, decided to become a professor at the University of Hong Kong. Reverse Mentoring is as powerful as traditional tutoring and it is something that this speaker wants to convince us about. 

  1. Reverse Mentoring:Sparking a Culture Shift | Lisa Bonner 

The long term success of any organization, company or government depends on the contributions made by people from all ages, because such contributions expand perspectives and create a culture shift towards a more dynamic and profitable organization. 

  1. Mentoringthe Next Generation | Michael Benko. 

The approach of this speaker aims at training the next generation of students through personalised education within a creative framework that improves their talent and, thus, increase the possibilities of success for everyone who attends his academy. Let’s learn more about this in the following video.