Positive work environment, greater productivity

A good work environment brings diverse benefits to organisations, such as: increasing employee engagement, well-being and satisfaction, as well as building solid work teams and achieving proposed targets, both at individual and group levels.

It should be noted that the work environment is no more than a sum of factors that surround the individual (culture, environment, situations at work), to which we add the psychological aspects of an environment composed of individuals. However, the work environment contains a subjective part that varies according to each employee’s perspective, personal expectations and individual aspirations.

According to a survey conducted by Ranstad, a negative work environment can cost up to 60% of employee productivity, reason why it is important that employees feel recognised, involved and listened to.

One of the tools that allows us to show recognition for our teams is constant feedback, which must be addressed carefully and in a linear fashion over time. That way, each employee can contribute their ideas for making improvements in different areas of the organisation.

Safeguarding equality in relations between employees is another point to take into account. It is important to ensure that there isn’t any discrimination, poor judgement in team decisions or lack of camaraderie, since these factors compromise the work environment.

Another point to consider and to address is a leader’s ability to connect with their employees. A leader who is flexible when facing the many work situations that come up, and who tailors how they treat each employee, creates a positive work environment that is consistent with the organisation’s mission and which allows for and cultivates success.

By addressing each one of these points, we ensure that our team is highly motivated.