Personal Branding in companies

The image we show and the one we want to project within our environment is displayed through various communication events that will be received by others. These messages are also associated with our reputation and even with the company we work for.

In this case, personal branding is a tool which allows us to optimize our relationships under a clear strategy that strengthens the network of contacts in search of value. This also ends up benefiting the organisation, since employees will be a bridge to other relevant audiences, enabling the creation of a growing chain of contacts.

Some specialists say that human resource is a company’s greatest asset, hence corporate efforts to hire the right people for the right position and also offer tools that allow them to enhance their strengths and achieve joint objectives. However, the scope and discipline of Personal Branding will depend on the consistency and coherence of each person’s actions.

With the use of social networks as the main way to recruit employees (45% according to Adecco), the coherence between personal and professional life must be guarded more than ever, especially considering that in the 2.0 social era, digital platforms are the basis for networking and the most productive professional relationships*. This is why employees must work on their personal brand, both online and offline.

Guarding a personal brand not only means caring about what image is projected within the company, but also about how that image interacts with the outside world. This contributes to personal and corporate reputation, regardless of the position held.

Thus, a personal marketing plan, with clear and defined objectives, will become a lifetime resource if you associate it with your career plan and purpose. Learn more about personal branding here!

Strengthen the attributes that will position your personal brand through the understanding of your behavioural profile!

*Information from Merca 2.0