People Analytics in Human Resources Management

According to the book The Power of People by Jonathan Ferrar, People Analytics is defined as “the discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in workforce-related data to inform decision making and improve performance.”

Through people analytics, experts in Human Resources can manage big volumes of data in order to obtain a variety of benefits as regards talent management in a company. Using it is ideal to leave sensations aside and do an analysis of the information given by this tool, to then make decisions.

The goal is to focus on the people who work at the organisation: one of the aims is to better understand their behaviour in order to obtain better results for the company. For example, we can detect the causes for high turnover rate and from there begin an action plan, which may go from improving infrastructure to starting some extra activity, apart from work, to improve the work environment.

Some of the advantages of People Analytics, presented by The Valley Talent, are the following:

  • Insight into team productivity. The data produced by people analytics allow companies to gain key insights into the team’s performance.
  • Detection of the level of employee satisfaction. Through different methods, such as assessments and surveys, it is be possible to detect which employees are motivated and which are not.
  • Talent detection. People analytics will allow us to go into the employees’ world: level of collaboration, interests, and relationships built, etc.
  • Training and development. Individual data of each employee helps the Human Resources department to create a tailor-made career plan and training for each employee according to their personal interests.

Remember that the most important element of people analytics is to analyse the data obtained in order to contribute to the improvement of the organisation. Dare to make the most out of this Big Data tool!