Organisations focused on training their employees

While the business world moves quickly while facing new challenges every day, individuals working in the human resource management department must adapt to new parameters: speed, transparency and experience for making more global, complex and agile decisions.

According to the Observatory of Human Resources in Spain, organisations are most likely to measure the impact of their investment in two areas: employee satisfaction and involvement.

Most organisations have sought to measure the impact of corporate learning based on:

  • Employee Satisfaction and Retention (74%)
  • Employee Involvement (74%)
  • Customer satisfaction (69%)
  • Income and benefits (64%)

Less than half (47%) are satisfied with the corporate learning in which their organisations are investing and only 43% believe that these programmes give them the skills to work more effectively.

On the other hand, the leading Human Resources consultant, Paula Molinari, detected 5 key factors that impact learning processes:

  1. The person as the protagonist
  2. The speed of change in businesses
  3. Digitisation
  4. The value of individual time
  5. The change in the process of individual and collective learning

Large organisations have the highest expectations for corporate learning impact on the involvement of employees in organisational change and strive to address Reskilling at all levels.

Cornerstone on Demand case

With a cloud service and a single mission to improve global education through online training, the Cornerstone platform has become the solution to new knowledge models enabling collaborative learning and being a development strategy for employee potential as it enhances new skills, regardless of schedules, devices with a custom experience.

These kinds of experiences allow employees to keep their motivation high and be prepared for the challenges that arise day-to-day.