Organisations aligned with the digital future

When driving the digital transformation in organisations, the first step is to understand the skills the company has to start getting involved in the path towards transformation and, then, begin to plan and carry out actions. 

In the annual study Aligning the organisation for its digital future, conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Business School and Deloitte, it is shown that even though over 90% of leaders in companies believe that their industry will be widely affected by digital technologies, only 44% consider that they are properly ready to face that disruption. 

In this sense, and in response to the big question “How to create the digital DNA of my organisation?”, Luis Meza, leading technology partner in Deloitte Consulting, shared with Forbes magazine six key components for companies, regardless of their size or industry, to create or strengthen their digital DNA: 

  • Exponential thinkingdisruptive technologies grow exponentially and allow organisations to do so too. Establishing ambitious goals forces substantial growth. 
  • Agile executiondeveloping new ideas and testing them in short periods of time, as well as accepting mistakes, will make the company learn from them and quickly discover the most appropriate path to follow. 
  • Culture transformation: incorporating human capital oriented towards design, creativity and innovation, will change the traditional way in which the company thinks and operates. It should be considered that this will happen, and the leadership must support this new way of thinking. 
  • Customer first: the customer is the priority and will demand teams to find new solutions to persistent problems, both in the customer’s and the company’s structure. 
  • Design Thinking: strategic design skills are the new differentiation in the digital era; using this methodology will cause important changes in companies. 
  • Focus on value: it is crucial to avoid the temptation of implementing any digital technology and understand which of these digital technologies can make the business grow and generate differential value for customers, and focus on them. 

Go ahead and develop yourself, strengthen your teams and encourage employees through digitalisation!