Only 18% of managerial positions are held by women

A study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, which included 2300 organisations around the globe, estimated that we are two generations away from bridging the gap between men and women.

During a private forum, María Marta Kenny, Regional HR Business Partner Leader for IBM, presented a 2019 study that drew attention to the problems women face when they aspire to leadership roles. “The most common error is believing that this gap is going to disappear without doing anything,” said Kenny, who explained that the organisations regarded as First Movers are the ones that have decided to establish gender equality as a formal policy and showed steady growth in female leadership over the last 3 to 5 years.

It is proven that promoting women to senior positions helps drive innovation strategies and changes in organisational culture, foster the deployment of talent and create a more participative environment. Paula Stolarz, Development and Innovation Analyst for PDA International, adds that female leadership boosts participation, which helps us better understand what motivates each team member and their areas of opportunity as professionals, identify their purpose, as well as create conditions that allow each individual to develop their full potential.

The IBM study showed that we are about 54 years away –in other words about two generations– from closing the gap that exists in managerial roles. The only way we can put an end to this disparity is if organisations understand the added value of teams that embrace diversity. Women who already occupy senior positions must motivate the next generation, be generous with their knowledge, and help create inclusive work environments.

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