On the road towards digital transformation

When promoting digital strategies for organisations, the first step is to understand the company’s capabilities in order to begin the journey towards transformation and, thereupon, start to plan and execute actions.

The annual study Aligning the organisation for its digital future, conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Business School and Deloitte, shows that despite the fact that more than 90% of company leaders believe that their industry will be extensively affected by digital technologies, only 44% believe they are properly prepared to face the disruption.

In this sense, and in response to the big question, How do I create my company’s digital DNA? (link), Luis Meza, Lead Partner in technology for Deloitte Consulting, shared with Forbes Magazine the six fundamental components companies need, regardless of size or industry, to be able to generate or enhance their digital DNA:

  • Think exponentially: disruptive technologies grow exponentially, providing the opportunity for organisations to do so as well. Establishing ambitious goals will compel companies to seek substantial growth.
  • Work swiftly: developing new ideas and testing them out in less time, and allowing for errors, will help organisation’s learn from these mistakes and quickly discover the most suitable path for the company to follow.
  • Transform the culture: bringing design-oriented human capital, creativity or innovation to the organisation will bring about change in the traditional way the company thinks and operates. We must believe that this will happen and provide support from leadership for this new way of thinking.
  • Put the customer first: seeing the customer as the priority will require teams to find new solutions to persistent problems, both in terms of the customer’s structure as well as their own.
  • Use Design Thinking: strategic design capabilities are the new edge in the digital era; using this methodology will trigger important changes within companies.
  • Focus on value: it is critical that companies avoid succumbing to the temptation of implementing just any digital technology, but instead understand which one or ones could trigger business growth and generate added value for customers, and that focus on them.

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