Machine Learning in talent recruitment

Machine Learning had come as a way to make the talent recruitment process more efficient. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only increases the possibility of finding a candidate but also predicts if you are prepared for the challenges presented by the position, improving the candidate’s experience and increasing talent retention success rate.

The result is not only an increasingly efficient selection process but also the attraction of better qualified and motivated professionals.

Quality data: an essential requirement.

To achieve our goals, the basis for the development of Machine Learning will be the analysis of accurate information (rotation, employee satisfaction, feedback processes…) and once we have established the data sources, it is necessary to decipher them to eliminate repeated, inconsistent or outdated data.

The advantages of Machine Learning for the company is that it provides the right data for better decision making, as well as for the automation of the processes in which human resources were used up to now. There are already many companies optimising their production cycles based on the information that is analysed and interpreted through Machine Learning systems, favouring innovation and the search for new solutions through the correct interpretation of data.

From PDA International we approach a reliable and scientifically supported tool, such as the PDA Assessment, providing technological solutions to companies and consultants to help them strengthen their Human Resources processes and thus improve business results.

The PDA (Personal Development Analysis) is an assessment that, through a simple, precise and scientifically validated methodology, allows to describe and analyse the Behavioural Profile of people, without qualifying them as good or bad. It also allows evaluating the behavioural demands of a position and generating detailed compatibilities applicable to the different HR processes.

It is important to mention that in addition to the PDA Assessment, we have other technological solutions for recruitment, retention and motivation of human capital.

Go ahead and try!

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