Learn how to find your purpose

Living in a world that is constantly changing, finding our purpose, motivations and passions, take an important effort and compromise.

Tony Robbins, an American writer that specialises on personal development, has created a necessity scheme that helps us guide our actions and takes into account our personal search towards satisfaction, consciousness and unconsciousness.

He mentions this 6 human needs:

  1. Certainty: The need to control a certain type of situations.
  2. Uncertainty: The need of change and new stimulations
  3. Meaning: The need of feeling unique, special or needed.
  4. Love: The need of feeling that we are close or we belong to a group of people.
  5. Growth: The capacity of auto-development and understanding of the world.
  6. Contribution: The feeling that we can help others and creating something to help general welfare.

Even though Tony presents this 6 basic needs, is also important to know that there is always one that is above the rest: as a result, this provides more clarity to choose our desired path.

How can you find your purpose?

Download this scheme and fill it with your information to help you practice to find your purpose.

This scheme will help you classify the most important needs in your life.

“It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.” Tony Robbins.