Know your leadership style!

Organisations are believed to be a decision system where their members must face the possible alternatives to choose the one that best suits their needs and resources. Learn how the PDA Assessment paves the way for this process.

In today’s world of business and personal life, knowing how to self-manage oneself will be essential to achieving success and balance. Leaders with this skill are able to avoid counterproductive beliefs, take advantage of their strengths and collaborate with others. This leads to achieving objectives, independence and the ability to lead others more effectively.

Likewise, self-leadership not only allows you to find out who you are, but also to appreciate others. When you really understand yourself, your strengths and opportunity areas, you are able to identify these aspects in your employees. Because leaders are anchored in an appreciation of their own dignity, they develop knowledge of the aspirations, potential and nobility of others. This is how they transform the way they look at others and are able to successfully guide them.

At PDA International, we encourage a leadership style that is aligned to your maximum potential, because each person will be able to find out the traits of their own style (decision-making, problem-solving, motivators, etc.) and their efficient time management skills from the self-knowledge provided by this evaluation.

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