Job Carving: workers create their own tasks

In the corporate world, digitisation and faster working methods allow us to reformulate habits, activities and keep motivation high.

One of them is Job Carving, a new term that means personalising work duties. It can be used in different work situations:

  1. To create specific job positions, freeing up specialised staff time.
  2. Exchanging job tasks between team members to take maximum advantage of individual skills.

This means a task can be shared among those workers who have the skills and would like to do it. This better arranges each employee’s time which can lead to improvements in productivity, service performance and profitability.

The most recent study conducted by Enenred Spain indicates that 56% of talent management department heads are concerned about employee motivation, situating retention strategies among the primary goals to be achieved.

Creating customised job positions can benefit the organisation and the employee differently, by working based on the individual’s strengths and the organisation’s needs. It clearly has an impact on flexibility, the employee becoming the person who decides how many hours to dedicate to each project.

In the search for our own well-being in the workplace, being self-aware of our profile and strategies such as Job Carving will allow us to achieve our maximum potential and be highly motivated!