IT Recruitment, the key to making it successful

In today’s changing labour market, we face a reality described in a 2018 Randstad study, where 1,250,000 jobs in the IT sector have been created in the last 5 years.

For recruiters, dealing with the IT recruitment can become a real challenge. What happens when we need to recruit areas of knowledge that we do not manage? Nonetheless, it slowly represents one of the sectors with the most activity that requires that we are up to date with the tools, software, hardware and skills to be able to differentiate between the candidates. In this post, we will discuss the key to carrying out this type of process.

When we refer to IT recruitment, we talk about attracting and identifying technological profiles whose skills are difficult to identify in the area of​human resources due to the lack of specialised knowledge of recruiters and experience in the area.

Starting point!

To start an IT recruitment process, you need to devote the necessary time to discuss the profile with the team leader so as to thoroughly specify the technical needs, the projects in which candidates will be involved, the team the person will be working with, without forgetting the soft skills required.

Consequently, it is important to note that we face a very competitive market, characterised by high mobility and very high turnover, so IT candidates usually do not stain in job searches for long.

Another skill that must be identified in the IT recruitment process is the ability to communicate effectively, build relationships and provide a complete explanation of the organisational culture.

Headhunting is a key process in the search for IT employees, but it should not be the only tool nor should it be as aggressive as some recruiters use it, e.g., sending a mass message without quite understanding the profile of the candidate you are looking for, nor the interests of the candidates.

According to Aberdeen, 57% of companies use pre-hiring assessments to test the knowledge and skills of their candidates. In this sense, the PDA Assessment allows us to identify the main behavioural trends of candidates, thus identifying their communication style, leadership, motivators and discover if they are needed in the team.

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