Increase productivity with happier employees

The concepts “organisational culture” and “employee wellbeing” although they are different, are related to each other. One deals with how workers perceive the organisation while the other evaluates their satisfaction in the company.

Building a positive organisational culture promotes effective conflict management, attitude to innovation and teamwork. At the same time, a well-motivated and consolidated team will actively participate in decision making, thus improving personal satisfaction.

Experts assure that a culture oriented to people has significant results in the performance of the individuals in the organisation because they will feel valued. In this sense, companies with a higher level of commitment can increase employee productivity by up to 44%*.

Beyond the prevention of accidents or occupational health issues, the creation of a better workspace to promote employee wellbeing is essential. In this aspect factors such as the duration of the work journey, growth opportunities and a correct understanding of responsibilities.

Aiming at the constant need for growth of our employees, fostering challenges, development opportunities and possibilities to stand out will be the keys to being able to reach the objectives set in the required time and with a deep learning at work.

*Edenred Studio (2017)