Human Resources trends for 2020

During 2019, understanding the weight that talent managers decisions has on the organisation’s culture transformation was crucial. In 2020, this won’t be any different, and they will even be the ultimate people responsible for selecting the technological talent which will mark the processes within the company or industry.

According to a study carried out by the European Union about 2020, the number of employees specialised in information and communication technology is expected to increase, to favour recruitment processes, shorter learning processes and better position-employee acknowledgement.

Let’s have a look at the trends for 2020 together.

  1. Inbound recruitment, marketing for employees

Organisations’ new needs look for the integration of transversal teams to improve outcomes. Both HR and Marketing will have to join forces to attract and win the heart of the best talents.

  1. Transparency in internal communication

The trend is to communicate any decision affecting employees with absolute transparency and in real time, as well as to assess how every person receives such decision individually.

  1. Automated processes

Automation will not only be present in the production tasks within the industry but it will also be involved in the selection processes in order to speed up the filling of job vacancies, as well as some tasks which are time consuming for teams.

  1. Gaming

Gaming  will be key in the corporate strategy to contribute to the success of selection processes, onboarding and training. In 2020, many companies will implement gaming techniques to reinforce their communication plans.

  1. Employer Branding

This is about how clients, employees and potential candidates view an organisation.

Are you ready to design strategic plans where you can integrate these trends?