HRDay The New Normal: talent management celebration

More than 35 international speakers met online to celebrate Human Resources day.

May 20 was International Human Resources Day, created to celebrate professionals that every day give their best to encourage development, training, healthy work environments and friendly cultures, aiming at a good employee experience so that people can discover and achieve their purpose in a work environment. 
PDA International decided to make the difference this year and celebrate an event where professionals and all talent management workers could discuss, share ideas and learn.  

The organisation that created the PDA Assessment behavioural profile organised HRDay: The New Normal, a more-than-15-hour meeting via streaming worldwide. HRDay comprised 4 parallel events for Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese speakers and addressed different talent management issues, from Learning in Covid, Employee Experience and Organisational Culture to crisis management, among others. 
This rewarding experience had more than 35 international speakers, from TED speakers to CEOs and People Managers, who shared their experiences, each one of them with a particular perspective from their expertise, experience and location. Also, more than 8 thousand attendees worldwide had free access to different platforms to watch the streaming.

2020 is not an ordinary year. Not only does it represent the beginning of a new decade, but also challenges that nobody had foreseen nor was prepared to deal with. However, from governments to private or public organisations, they all have the same common objective: to make the most out of this situation and help their environment as much as possible. PDA International is committed to digital transformation and helping to create a better and more collaborative present.